What We Do

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How Do You See Your Business?


Do you view your business as individual parts? Where each department or team is separate and closed off from everyone else in your organization.

Or do you view your business as a holistic entity of moving parts coming together to create something truly amazing?

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A Holistic Experience

At Strategic Tactics Consulting Group, LLC (STCG), we tend to take a holistic view. We believe businesses are the strongest when each division and department works together to achieve a common goal. 

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Why You Need STCG

When you partner with us our goal is to make you stronger.  Your business is more than the sum of your parts. We work with you to identify problem areas and weak links. We then provide solutions to those problems. 

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About Us

Founder & Managing Director

Angela M. Insalaco founded Strategic Tactics Consulting Group, LLC (STCG), in 2017. Having worked for a non-profit organization and holding various positions within several corporate marketing divisions for more than a decade, she has what is undoubtedly, an “eclectic” background in business consulting. Angela was singled out by executive leaders within these organizations over the course of her career to act as the designated lead on numerous strategic business initiatives. 

These projects included vetting new business ventures, coordinating corporate strategic plans and authoring and developing request for proposal responses for government bidding projects. As an integrated marketing communications specialist, Angela became an advocate for creating holistic, strategic and tactical plans that focused on one voice, with one message to be used across multiple mediums. At the same time, her responsibilities encompassed excavating critical analytics and following “the marketing money trail” spend across the organization.

STCG was established with the philosophy that “tactics without strategy, is a cart before the horse situation. You end up going nowhere fast.” In 2018, Angela noticed a lack of education and data available to small business owners. This void in the small business community led to the creation of The Reputation Factory, a division of STCG, which focuses on teaching small business owners the finer points of reputation management, branding management, and marketing management through the use of online courses, 1:1 personalized coaching and live workshops.

Angela holds an MBA and BS in Marketing from Quinnipiac University.